Enrique García Barthe

At the end of the decade 1950 I served as a designer in the Hydrography Naval Service in the Argentina Army, in cartography. I began the investigation tasks as a journalist, at the beginning of the decade of the 60, when I wrote notes about indigenes for magazines and agencies, at that time I met Bernardo Graiver and I became interested in his investigations and his book "Biblical Argentina and Bibliónica". In 1962 I traveled to the High Paraguay up to Mato Grosso. In Asunción I connected myself with the Director of Indigenal Affairs, Colonel Amancio Zárate, Subdirector, Professor Burgundy Alfonso and with the Directress of the museum Andrés Barbero, Dr Branca Shusnik with whom I realized some expeditions. On these trips I wrote notes for the magazine Panorama and for the agency Inter Press Service of Europe. Especially on the tribes in wild state of the Zamucos (Morotocos) of the Paraguayan Chaco and the Guayaquíes of the Oriental region of Morotí when I visited Cerro Polilla. Other facts of importance, in chronological order:

1964 - I traveled to The Pampas and the south of Córdoba
1965 - I traveled to The Rioja, Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca, where I connected myself with the founder of the museum of Santa María of that county, the Professor Enrique Salvatierra.
1966 - I traveled to the Patagonia Cordillerana in the counties of Neuquén and Rio Negro.
1968 - New visit to the Paraguay. I visited the Paraguayan Chaco and I contacted myself with tribes of Chamacocos, Chulupies, Guarayos. I participated in the foundation of the colony Josefina Bao, together with the then Director of Indigenous Affairs, the Colonel Amancio Zarate. The inhabitants of the colony were the tribes of Sanapanás and Angaités. Other places that I visited in this trip were: Bella Vista and Pedro J. Caballero and surroundings of the River Apa and the Mountain range of Amambay.
1992 - I reported a note that was published in the Newspaper "The Maga"
1995 - I contacted myself with the Dr. Dick Edgar Ibarra Grasso with the one that I maintain regular contact until his death. I traveled to San Juan's county
1997 - I traveled around the county of Chubut. There I found carved stones of possible origin Cananeo in the School Salesiano of Rawson. In Bahia Blanca I contacted the Belgian Professor Pablo Gallez, investigator of old maps and precolumbus trans-oceanic contacts.
1998 - I discovered the existence of America in precolumbus maps. I began with other investigations, for example that the Cipango that Marco Pole mentions is not Japan like it was supposed and that the Biblical mystery of Ezequiel, Gog and Magog, includes America. There are published notes on these topics in the newspapers "The Chubut", "Financial Environment", "The One" (Mendoza), and the agency international German of news Deutche Presse Agentur distributes other notes around the world.
2000 - I gave a conference in the School of Journalism of the Municipality of Olivos (Bs.As.). Notes are published in the Newspaper "Oleo y Marmol" and in the Magazine "Two Worlds"
2001 - April conference in the Foundation Aristos (R. Peña 158 Bs. As.) In June I traveled to Panama and Mexico, where they interviewed me for the Mexican agency of news Notimex, the newspaper "Novelties" and the magazine "WOW" of Mexico. In August I gave another conference in the School of Journalism of the Municipality of Olivos (Bs.As.) October I presented a report in the IV Congress of Americanist held in the University of the Salvador of Bs. As. That same year I visited Alta Gracia (Córdoba) and I gave a cycle of conferences, invited by the Secretary of Culture, on Patagonian Stones, one in the Municipal School of Tourism, another in the Museum Municipal House of "Che Guevara" and another in the Rotary Club of Alta Gracia (Córdoba). I was interviewed by Channel 2 of Alta Gracia and the Radio.
2002 - January, I was invited again by the Secretary of Culture of Alta Gracia to dictate conferences on the discovery of the maps of America previous to Christopher Columbus, in the House of Culture and in the Rotary Club. During June and July I studyd satellite images of the Patagonia, with the collaboration of the geologist Jorge Kimsa of the University of La Plata, in the Center of Remote Sensors of the Command of Air Operations of the Argentine Air Force.

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