Other works on "Prehistoric Globalization" support and endorsement of these discoveries:

  • "The polemic maps"
  • "America Marco Polo and Cipango"
  • "Olmecan Séneca and Tule"
  • "The obscure Rome and the Church"
  • "Gog and Magog Ezequiel and the Magicians Kings"
  • "Transpacific Connection"
  • "Some opinions"
  • "Sailings from Biblical times"
  • "Egypt Saba Punt and America"
  • "Discoveries out of place"
  • "Chinese and America"
  • "Sumer Bolivia and Micenas"
  • "Ethiopia Saba and the Ark"
  • "Tarsis the Argonauts and America"
  • "America the sun and Osiris"
  • "America Magicians and Asian"
  • "A successful search."

Soon there will be more material included in this page on these topics.